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RESPONDER Final Conference in Brussels, April 2014

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The European project RESPONDER ( deals with potential political, social and economic contradictions between sustainable consumption and economic growth. Contradictions are dealt with by trying to link 4 different communities: scientists and policymakers on the one hand, and on the other, what could be called the “pro-growth community” (mostly mainstream economists and policy makers oriented towards the EU Lisbon Strategy) and the “beyond-growth community” (mostly scientists and ecological economists highlighting biophysical limits to growth, social movements in several European member states and policy makers involved in the sustainable development debate). In order to do so, the European project RESPONDER is based on Knowledge Brokerage Events (KBE) that use the technique of System Mapping with participation of academics, civil society activists and policy-makers. Ten KBE have taken place since 2011 on a variety of topics in the framework of a discussion on sustainability and economic growth and two European dialogues. Neo-liberal, Keynesian and Post-Growth perspectives are welcome in the analysis on 1) the food system, 2) ICT technologies 3) transport, mobility, 4) housing and urban planning   5) household savings, financial and environmental sustainability. » Read the full article

InContext Final Conference & Informed Cities Forum 2013

How to create space for change? Rediscovering the power of community

6-7 June 2013, Berlin (Germany)

Our ambition is for InContext results to inspire change in communities around Europe. With a number of events scheduled in 2012 and early 2013 we already exchanged powerful ideas and lessons learned from transition processes in communities throughout Europe. In June 2013 the final conference of InContext, together with the Informed Cities Forum 2013 will bring a creative platform to do so again.

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Discussion Colloquium. Complexity and Environmental Policy: The Way Forward?

Remembering Elinor Ostrom, Bratislava, October 24, 2012, 14:00-17:00.

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D.Bromley – Economic_talk

“Complexity is not the same as chaos”, said Elinor Ostrom in Stockholm after being awarded
Nobel prize in 2009. Questioning simple theoretical models to prescribe universal solutions
by developing a common,

classificatory framework

to facilitate efforts toward a better
understanding of complex social-ecological systems has placed complexity in a dominant
position of Lin’s research over the last decade. What is the way forward? How do we address
complexity in a global arena? How does uncertainty of information, future policy options and
fragility of social and ecological systems affect prospects of Earth system governance? We
are pleased to address the topic of complexity to honor Lin’s exceptional personality on the
date of her planned second visit of Slovakia. Speakers are: (1) Daniel W. Bromley,
University of Wisconsin-Madison and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; (2) Jouni Paavola,
University of Leeds, United Kingdom; and (3) Tatiana Kluvánková-Oravská, CETIP,

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