Growth in Transition, October 8-10 2012, Vienna

Krisen sind allgegenwärtig. Klimakrise. Ressourcenkrise. Finanzkrise. Schuldenkrise. Es stellt sich die Frage: Wollen wir es so, wie wir es uns eingerichtet haben?

2010 hat das Lebensministerium zusammen mit zahlreichen Partnern in Wien die in

ternationale Konferenz „Wachstum im Wandel“ veranstaltet, bei der über 500 Personen aktiv teilgenommen haben.

Die Initiative „Wachstum im buy viagra Wandel” beabsichtigt, möglichst viele Institutionen und Personen in einen Dialog zu involvieren, wie ein Wandlungsprozess in Richtung Zukunftsfähigkeit gestaltet werden kann.

Von 8. bis 10. Oktober dieses Jahres wird die zweite internationale Konferenz „Wachstum im Wandel“ stattfinden. Im Rahmen davon sollen wesentliche Fragen über unsere Zukunft (Wirtschaft, Umwelt, Arbeit, Lebensqualität, etc.) diskutiert werden.

Wir laden Sie zur dreitägigen Konferenz in Wien sehr herzlich ein und

bitten Sie, den Termin 8.-10. Oktober 2012 vorzumerken.

Konferenz: Wachstum im Wandel 2012


The term of office of three members of the ESEE Board ends this year after 3 years.

All ESEE members (except students) are kindly invited to make use of the democratic right to choose their representatives.

The ballot for 2011 is supported by the election tool provided by ISEE.

It simply requires you to login with your ESEE and ISEE login name and password and to choose 3 representatives (new or renewed) at

Information on the nominees is given at the election webpage.

The nominees are:

  • Nina Eisenmenger, ESEE Treasurer (Austria)
  • Timothy J Foxon, (UK)
  • Reinhard Madlener (Germany)
  • Olivier Petit (France)
  • Nuno Videira (Portugal)

Please use your right to vote, which certainly strengthens the commitment of the Board.

The ballot is open until 29. November, 24:00 CET.

This year

only one student representative, Jasper Kenter from the University of Aberdeen, was nominated. Therefore, he is elected unopposed and student members will have the opportunity to elect a second student representative next year.

Full professorship in Economics of the Environment

The Faculty of Geosciences and Environment at the University of Lausanne invites applications for a full professorship in economics of the environment with a focus on ecological economics. A specialization in ecological macroeconomics (including issues such as “Prosperity without Growth”), institutional economics, natural resources and environmental economics (natural heritage, ecosystem budgets), or development studies would be an asset. The successful candidate is expected to strengthen and complement existing centres of competence of the Faculty in the areas of development studies, political ecology, industrial ecology, environmental philosophy, and ethics, or geography.

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