CALL FOR PAPERS: Special issue on Degrowth and Environmental justice

Both environmental justice (EJ) and degrowth groups question the idea of development based on economic growth, and at times even the notion of development itself (Kothari et al 2015). They oppose certain socio metabolic re-configurations and the uneven distribution of benefits and burdens associated with them (Martinez Alier 2002; D’Alisa et al 2015). In this special issue, we propose to explore these and other dimensions of the relationship between degrowth and environmental justice: be them political, like the rapprochement of climate justice, anti-coal mining and degrowth (or postwachstum) movements in Germany; or theoretical, where various cross-fertilisations between degrowth and EJ movements can be explored, such as the traversing and cross-mobilization of concepts across the two (e.g. degrowth concepts of autonomy, simplicity or care; or EJ concepts of ecological debt, ecological unequal exchange or popular epidemiology).

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POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER POSITION – sustainable agri-food value chains and food networks for regional economic development

The Department of Economics & Management at the Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry, University of Helsinki, invites applications for a three year POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER POSITION, focusing on “sustainable agri-food value chains and food networks for regional economic development“. To join this project and contribute to our understanding of the marginalization of rural areas in Europe, you are expected to come with a strong quantitative background. Apply at latest 30.06.2017 » Read the full article

Call for Papers: 2 nd Workshop on Agent-based modelling at ESCP Europe

The workshop wants to discuss how economic ABM can become more credible by designing them following standard principles of validation and verification. We would like to exchange ideas about methods discussed in literature, such as sensitivity analyses, guidelines for rigor, or the “systematic design of experiments” (DOE). » Read the full article

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