Join scientists in their call for a greener, pro-sustainability, and more cost-efficient Common Agricultural Policy

The European Union is in the midst of a reform of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), to shape the spending of nearly 40% of the EU’s budget over another 7-year period (2021-2027). In parallel, the new Commission has made an ambitious announcement to present, by March 2020, a “European Green Deal” that will address critical environmental and sustainability challenges.

Unfortunately, neither the CAP proposal made by the European Commission nor the initial proposal for the EU Green Deal, acknowledged the unequivocal evidence indicating agriculture to be a key driver of biodiversity loss and a significant contributor to climate change; as well as strong evidence that the CAP fails on all dimensions of sustainability.

To inform the reform process and help shaping a better EU Green Deal, an interdisciplinary group of scientists have written a declaration proposing ten concrete action points that decision-makers should consider for the CAP reform and for the so-called “Farm to Fork” Strategy.

Scientists who share a sense of importance in the message, and wish to support a call by the scientific community to direct Europe’s agriculture toward delivering sustainable food, biodiversity conservation, and climate mitigation, is welcome to join the position paper as a signatory:

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