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The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources and the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Vermont seek applicants for an endowed professorship in sustainability science and policy at the Associate or Full Professor rank.

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Austerity, Stimulus or Post-growth for Europe?

Revisiting Sicco Mansholt’s Vision

Date:                    Friday March 21st, 2014

Venue:                 European Parliament – Petra Kelly Room ASP A1G3 – 60, Rue Wiertz – 1047 Brussels – Belgium

RESPONDER brings together high-level scientists, policy-makers and practitioners to explore, discuss and address pressing questions about the contradictions between sustainable consumption and economic growth. In this final conference we revisit the propositions of Sicco Mansholt, President of the European Commission in 1972-73, to explore the complex relations between economic growth and sustainability, and what they mean for dealing with the European crisis.

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Summer School: ´the Green Economy´ UPDATE

The organizers inform that they have been able to cancel the participation fee, so attendance is now free of costs for all. We kindly remind the dead line for registration (20th February).

June 16 – June 27, 2014

The third course of the Thor Heyerdahl Summer School in Environmental Governance – will be organized in Norway in June 2014. The topic of this year’s course is ‘the Green Economy’ . This concept is loaded with very different meanings, as it is connected to dif­ferent traditions within economics. It also links up closely with natural sciences – especially ecology, but also physics – as well as with other social sciences. Several internationally renowned researchers will participate as teachers. We mention Richard Howarth, Tim Jackson, Sharachchandra Lele, Sian Sullivan and Heidi Wittmer. The Summer School is open to PhD students and young researchers who have completed their PhD degree within the last 4 years of the application deadline (February 20, 2014). Priority will be given to applicants from social science oriented programs or interdisciplinary (combined social and natural science) programs.

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