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Growth in Transition, October 8-10 2012, Vienna

Krisen sind allgegenwärtig. Klimakrise. Ressourcenkrise. Finanzkrise. Schuldenkrise. Es stellt sich die Frage: Wollen wir es so, wie wir es uns eingerichtet haben?

2010 hat das Lebensministerium zusammen mit zahlreichen Partnern in Wien die in

ternationale Konferenz „Wachstum im Wandel“ veranstaltet, bei der über 500 Personen aktiv teilgenommen haben.

Die Initiative „Wachstum im buy viagra Wandel” beabsichtigt, möglichst viele Institutionen und Personen in einen Dialog zu involvieren, wie ein Wandlungsprozess in Richtung Zukunftsfähigkeit gestaltet werden kann.

Von 8. bis 10. Oktober dieses Jahres wird die zweite internationale Konferenz „Wachstum im Wandel“ stattfinden. Im Rahmen davon sollen wesentliche Fragen über unsere Zukunft (Wirtschaft, Umwelt, Arbeit, Lebensqualität, etc.) diskutiert werden.

Wir laden Sie zur dreitägigen Konferenz in Wien sehr herzlich ein und

bitten Sie, den Termin 8.-10. Oktober 2012 vorzumerken.

Konferenz: Wachstum im Wandel 2012

Analyzing Regional Social Cohesion: Theoretical and Methodological Training for Advanced Research, 2-7 July 2012, University of Luxembourg

The Consortium for Comparative Research on Regional Integration and Social Cohesion (RISC) and the
United Nations University Center for Regional Integration Studies are proud to present their Summer
School/Research Symposium for Ph.D. candidates and Postdoctoral scholars on “Analyzing Regional Social
Cohesion: Theoretical and Methodological Training for Advanced Research” which will take place in
Luxembourg from 2-7 July, 2012. The initiative is free for up to 15 participants and the organizers will
cover the costs of accomodation (if necessary) and meals during the program. Attached to this message,
please find the call for applications which includes a detailed description of the

initiative, a preliminary list
of lecturers, and a detailed program.

The summer school/symposium is interdisciplinary with lecturers in political science, history, economics,
anthropology and geography. It focuses on social cohesion which is an interdisciplinary topic that is
prominent in IPSE’s research agenda. While the official language of the initiative is English, it will be an
excellent opportunity to meet young scholars from other parts of Europe and different world regions in a
cross-cultural and multilingual environment.
For further information, please contact Harlan Koff (harlan.koff@uni.lu) or Carmen Maganda

RISC-CRIS Summer School Final Call doc (3)

11 PhDs – Political Ecology – 1 at HU Berlin

The European Network for Political Ecology (ENTITLE) offers 11 generously-funded three-year PhD scholarships available to candidates from all over the world. ENTITLE is an EU-funded Initial Training Network whose aim is to promote European resear

ch and advanced training on the field of political ecology, including: the study of the commons; social metabolism and environmental conflicts; movements; disasters; ecological democracy; and environmental justice. Successful applicants will be hosted in one of the participating institutes of the network in Barcelona, Coimbra, Manchester, Lund, Berlin, Athens, Istanbul or Santiago de Chile. For information on eligibility criteria, conditions and application procedures visit www.politicalecology.eu; or email for further information entitle2012@gmail.com. Deadline for applications: 20th of April 2012.

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