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ESEE is the European branch of the International Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE).

ESEE is a non-profit, member-governed, organisation dedicated to advancing understanding of the relationships among ecological, social and economic systems for the mutual well-being of nature and people.

ESEE publishes a newsletter and books (in association with various publishers); holds regional and international meetings; develops educational materials; and facilitates a voice for ecological economists in public forums.

ESEE provides a forum so that we might all better understand these issues. Add your voice to the discussion by becoming a member.

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Recent Posts

Multinational Knowledge Brokerage Event on Sustainable Mobility, 21-23 March 2012, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The workshop concerns transformation from transport into sustainable mobility concept based on more energy efficient and cleaner modes. We will explore how to develop a modern infrastructure decreasing pressure on our environmental assets, protecting biodiversity and diminish demands for water and land, and discuss relevant and challenging questions and concerns of the future of the transport. The

participants will come from different backgrounds: European, national and local policy-makers, academics, economists, practitioners and exponents of civil society organizations. » Read the full article

Sustainable Development Alternatives, 5-6 June 2012, Quito, Ecuador

The School of Continuing Education on the Ecuadorian Buen Vivir (= Good Living) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration of Ecuador, has the pleasure to present the First International Conference



ELOPMENT ALTERNATIVES: how to change the social paradigm, focusing on the human being and nature” » Read the full article

Expert of Sustainable Sport & Event, AISTS Lausanne

The International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS) is a center of continuing education, applied research and expertise based in Lausanne, the ‘Olympic Capital’. AISTS benefits fr

om a unique network of experts, both academic and from the field. It is founded by the International Olympic Committee, IMD business school, EPFL, University of Lausanne, University of Geneva, IDHEAP, Ecole Hôteliere de Lausanne, City of Lausanne and Canton of Vaud. AISTS generic viagra online takes a multidisciplinary approach to deal with the complexities of sport, integrating knowledge from management, economics, technology, law, sociology and medicine. » Read the full article