Post-doc position

The Institut d”Etudes Européennes de l”Université Libre de Bruxelles (IEE-ULB) is one of the partners of the “Global Reordering: Evolution through European Networks — GR:EEN” research project.

GR:EEN is an integrated Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) research project, funded under the 7th European Research Framework Programme (FP7). GR:EEN”s agenda is to assess the single key SSH challenge identified by the European Commission (EC) for 2010: /Europe facing a rising multi-polar world/. It runs from March 2011 until March 2015.

In this framework, the IEE-ULB”s “EU, New Regionalism, and Global Governance” (EUNRAGG) research maquinas de slots online unit is *recruiting a Post Doctoral Research Fellow* who will contribute to its research capacities on the specific subject of “*The EU as a Global Discursive Actor*” for the period running from *September 1st 2011 to August 31st 2013* (i.e. 2 Years


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